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March 2019 • Nebraskaland 25 the more wild the hunter's experience is, the better." A Controlled Hunt First Years ago, on a whim, a few buddies and I took a trip from Tennessee to Kansas to hunt pheasants. Having no idea where to go, we hopped around for two days and never fired a shot. In hindsight, I wish we would have started at a controlled shooting area. From there, we could have talked to the owners of the area and gotten some advice on which nearby public areas to hunt. Maybe we would have learned something on that area that helped us on public land. Perhaps we would have shot a few birds. And maybe, just maybe, that same group of guys would still be hunting together. In Nebraska, controlled shooting area upland hunting seasons open September 1 and close April 15. For more information, visit By Ryan Sparks Whether it's a new hunter or a new puppy, there's only one thing that's going to get them excited about hunting — birds. That's why controlled shooting areas are an excellent resource for introducing new hunters and their dogs to the sport. It takes birds to make a bird hunter, and hunting preserves guarantee the birds that will get them excited about hunting. Hunting all morning on a frigid day without finding any birds isn't motivating for anyone. These preserves are also a way to keep you and your dogs in shape before and after the hunting season. Heading to a hunting preserve for a few outings before Nebraska's regular season opens will shake off the rust and ensure you are both in top form when opening day arrives. Then, after your regular hunting season closes, you can venture to a CSA to extend your good time a bit longer. DOG TRAINING FOR A YOUTH DAY AT OAK CREEK SPORTING CLUB

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