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March 2019 • Nebraskaland 55 Safari Club International held its annual convention in Reno, Nevada Jan. 9-12, 2019. This is the largest hunting convention in the world. International exhibitors, furriers, jewelers and more took part in four days of celebrating the sport we hold so dear: hunting. Nebraska was well represented on many levels. Hunt Nebraska, Pheasant Bonanza, Gunderson's Jewelers and Zeller Trunks/Chuck's Wood Barn were exhibitors. Greg Middleton served as exhibitor services manager, a title he has held for well over 20 years. Cal Campbell served as regional representative for Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas. Mary Middleton served not only as the national secretary for Safari Club Foundation Sables, but also as the Nebraska chapter president, thus representing Nebraska on the Safari Club International Board of Directors. Congratulations to 2003 Mrs. Nebraska Olivia Nalos Opre, who was presented the C.J. McElroy Award. Olivia is not a stranger to the hunting awards stage. In 2014, Olivia received the Diana Award, the most prestigious female hunting award. It is a diffi cult award to achieve and an honor once accomplished. This year, Olivia's eff orts to advocate for hunting and her achievements in the fi eld crossed paths with the C.J. McElroy Award. This award is named after the founder of Safari Club International. The award honors members of the worldwide hunting industry who have made tremendous contributions to the sport of hunting, achieved worldwide hunting excellence, demonstrated dedication to wildlife conservation and have a history of service to the global hunting community and to SCI goals. Opre's cohorts with this award include Jeff Rann, Jim Shockey, Craig Boddington, and Dick Cabela to name a few. Opre is the fi rst female to achieve this pinnacle award. STEALING THE SHOW Paid Advertisement from the Nebraska Safari Club OLIVIA NALOS OPRE (LEFT)

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