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54 Nebraskaland • April 2019 let out to achieve a desired depth. And even if we did, we had no idea how much to let out to get a specifi c lure to run at the depth we wanted. In short, we didn't know what we were doing and even when we did catch fi sh, we didn't know how to repeat it. All good lessons are learned by errors. As we messed it up, we got smarter. So to keep you from making these same mistakes, here are a handful of essentials for anyone interested in getting out their box of crankbaits and teaming up with some buddies. Rod Holders - In addition to being able to maintain and control your rod tip, these allow you to run more than one rod and they keep your hands free so that you can help a buddy get untangled or land a fi sh. Line Counters - Getting crankbaits to the target depth is a huge part of fi nding success while trolling. The depth that a given crankbait can run depends on the amount of line that you let out. The best way to consistently keep the lure in the target zone is to know exactly how much line has come off your spool. Swapping out a baitcasting reel for a line counting reel is a must. Precision Trolling App - Line counters are awesome, but they don't tell you the whole story. They simply tell you how much line has come off the spool. They don't tell you how much line to let out to get a certain crankbait to run at the depth that you want. They don't tell you how to adjust that number when you change to a diff erent type of crankbait. And they don't tell you how the particular brand of line, type of line, and pound test line on your spool alters the depth that a crankbait will run. But the Precision Rod holders maintain and control more than one rod when trolling while also allowing anglers a hands-free option. In combination with the Precision Trolling app, using a line counting reel is the most accurate way to determine the depth that a crankbait will run. Quick clips connect the angler's line with the eye of the crankbait so that fast changes can be made without having to retie each new lure.

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