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April 2019 • Nebraskaland 55 Trolling Tips • Before deploying or re-deploying you r lines, make sure your crankbait is running true in order to prevent tangles and to ensure that your lure gets down into the strike zone. • Don't be afraid to experiment with diff erent crankbait types, sizes and colors. Eventually, the fi sh will tell you what they want. • Just because state fi shing regulations may allow you to use more than one rod doesn't mean you have to. Keep it simple until you fi gure out a system that works. • Crankbaits are manufactured to create irresistible action under the water. But don't shy away from an occasional jerk of the rod tip to vary the action and give your lure some extra life. • Maintaining a trolling speed between 2 and 3 mph is a pretty good rule of thumb. But feel free to experiment with slight speed adjustments or abrupt changes in speed to entice strikes. • Just because a given crankbait is capable of reaching a maximum depth doesn't mean the fi sh are at that maximum depth. Experiment with diff erent depths within the water column to create strikes. Trolling app does. Simply enter the line that you are using, the crankbait that you have tied on, and the depth that you want to achieve, and the app instantly tells you how much line to let out. Buy it in the App Store. A guy could make a strong argument that it's the most important piece of equipment in the boat. Quick Clips - Once you are armed with a line counter and the Precision Trolling app, you've unlocked the mystery of your crankbait box. Tie on as many as you need to until the fi sh tell you want they want. Better yet, tie on a quick clip once and snap on cranks as fast as your heart desires. Lastly, don't forget your camera. In the event that you fi gure out the right depth, the right speed, and the right crankbait, you're going to have a pretty cool photo opportunity. In fact, you may never want to tee it up by yourself again. Brett Smith holds this Nebraska walleye close to the camera after removing the crankbait from its sharp jaws.

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