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April 2019 • Nebraskaland 65 My grandfather (left), Walter Adamson, and his father-in-law, Joe Edwards, photographed around 1922 with coyote pelts and hounds from a hunt on the Adamson Ranch in Cherry County in the Sandhills. The Dan Adamson family homesteaded in the Sandhills and acquired the Diamond Bar in 1913, which Walter and Elvin Adamson owned. This became part of the the Adamson Cattle Company, which is still owned and operated by my brother, Marv Adamson, and his sons, Ryan and Jeff. The Edwards Ranch, the site of the Lake Post Office (mail was delivered on horseback), is now operated by the Ford family. Our dad was Elvin Adamson, who served as a Game and Parks commissioner and was a state senator. Joe Edwards and Dan Adamson were our great grandfathers. – Marge Adamson Harris, Lincoln

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