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66 Nebraskaland • April 2019 THE LAST STOP By Jeff Kurrus BACK TO MERLIN The photographers at Nebraskaland Magazine shoot a lot of photos. So many, in fact, that we must have a searchable database to find our images. For us, this cloud-based system is called Merlin and, at the time of publication, contains 212,604 images, with many more that have yet to be entered. For an image to be in Merlin, it is culled from a larger group of images and ID'd. Person, place, activity, etc., are recorded so they can be easily searched. We also include animal names and, when applicable, their scientific names. So when I recently received the following letter from reader Bob Zimmerman of Lincoln, I couldn't help but smile and cringe at the same time: Hi Jeff, I've been a subscriber and collector of Outdoor Nebraska/ Nebraskaland Magazine for many years and have a collection dating back to the 1930s. I'm also a long time Brittany owner, occasional breeder and member of the American Brittany Club. I've noticed a recurring error in Nebraskaland. Quite frequently the dog breed Brittany is referred to as a Brittany Spaniel. The American Kennel Club no longer refers to the breed as a spaniel and hasn't for close to 40 years. When this was changed, the logic was that the Brittany pointed game and that was not characteristic of any of the other spaniels. So the AKC dropped spaniel and the breed is now referred to as the Brittany. I'm hoping that bringing this to your attention will get the minor offense corrected. I've got to admit, I always cringe and grit my teeth when an outdoor publication incorrectly refers to Brittanys as spaniels. Similarly, the AKC breed name Pointer is correct. The breed is not an English Pointer.{ After a little research of my own, it looks like Mr. Zimmerman is right. I'm sure glad Merlin has a correction option for the 821 Brittany and pointer images I've catalogued. One last note: the picture above is of a Brittany, and was photographed at Pheasant Bonanza in Burt County. See, I'm learning already.

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