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22 Nebraskaland • June 2019 Q: Long before Follow the Water was created, you and Michael Farrell cofounded the Platte Basin Timelapse project, which documents changes in the Platte River watershed. How did you decide to also explore the watershed through a documentary film? We've had the Platte Basin Timelapse project in place since 2011, and that project is a long-form, multimedia documentary that really doesn't have an end to it. Its goal is to get people to think about where their water comes from and what it means to live in a watershed today. We have all these time-lapse cameras that we've put in place from mountains to plains in our watershed; each one is a different chapter in the story of that water, and each one has a story to tell. I got to a point where I wanted to do something that would connect some of these time-lapse cameras from mountains to plains through a personal experience, and I started to talk about that with Pete Stegen. We decided to tell a longer story about traveling through a watershed, starting from the very farthest away a drop of water comes from, and eventually finding our way back to the drain. I drew up the initial plan on the back of a Subway napkin. Q: What planning and preparation was necessary for the trip? We first lined up our own schedules, Pete and I, to know what blocks of time Follow the Water is a 55-minute documentary about a journey taken by two men through the Platte River watershed. The fi lm allows audiences to travel along with conservation photographer Mike Forsberg and fi lmmaker Pete Stegen as they discover where our water comes from. Follow the Water can currently be viewed at In the following interview, Mike Forsberg talks about how and why this documentary was created, what the journey was like and his plans for the future. Backpackers Pete Stegen, Lindsay Dalton, Mariah Lundgren, Kery Harrelson and Mike Forsberg rest in an alpine meadow near Kenosha Pass above South Park, Colorado, as they neared the end of the 17-day backpacking portion of the journey.

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