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June 2019 • Nebraskaland 27 to somebody else, and watch them go explore too, and see the stories that they do. Working with students at the University of Nebraska is really cool, and so is being able to work with and meet people that have a passion and a heart for the natural world, who understand that we all have to be connected to it and be good stewards of it moving forward. We need people to re-engage, and one of the ways that you do that is to tell stories. We tell stories, and we learn from those stories, and we can be moved by those stories. Through the written word, and through the power of photography, and art, and other creative devices, that's the way we're going to reach people, and the more personal it is, the more authentic it can be. If I can continue to help move in that direction – if I can still be let out of the barn once in a while to do the work that I'm passionate about, and be able to bring a lot of other people along the way and let them fly and be better than I am — then I'll feel good about it. N At Schilling Wildlife Management Area near Plattsmouth at the confl uence of the Platte and Missouri rivers, a Platte Basin Timelapse (PBT) camera captures Mike Forsberg and Pete Stegen (top, and bottom right) as they near the end of their 55-day, 1,300-mile journey by bike, backpack and canoe across the Platte Basin watershed.

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