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62 Nebraskaland • June 2019 THE LAST STOP By Jeff Kurrus TWO FLY RODS June is a busy month. Between photographing and following my daughter throughout the state playing softball, I have to make time to fish. So in recent years I've begun carrying a fly rod with me everywhere I go. The case easily fits in the front seat of the truck, and whether I have an extra five minutes or five hours, I'm always ready for the water. Last June on one of these softball trips to Hastings, I decided to pack two fly rods. Maybe, I thought, I could talk someone into fishing with me. I found my partner when we left the ballfield one day and had a few hours before dark to spare. His name was Kalvin Janssen, an 11-year-old who was staring at a cell phone at the hotel while his 9-year-old sister and a gob of her friends ran the halls. The look on his face said he wished to be anywhere but there. "You want to fish?" I asked him. "I have all the gear we need." "Yes," he quickly answered. We spent the rest of the afternoon at Mormon Island State Recreation Area wading along the edges looking for bluegill. The fish were slow and the light wasn't great, but neither of us seemed to care. As far as I was concerned, I had someone to share the afternoon with. For him, someone had taken him fishing, and regardless of how the afternoon went, it was a lot better than his other options. As it always is.

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