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JULY 2016 • NEBRASKAland 21 Fireworks at the Parks By Jerry Kane Visitors to seven state recreation areas will be allowed to touch off fireworks on Independence Day, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Those visitors should use extra caution with fireworks wherever dry conditions and high fire hazard exist. Branched Oak State Recreation Area (SRA) near Malcolm, Fort Kearny SRA near Kearney, Memphis SRA near Memphis, Fremont Lakes SRA near Fremont, Two Rivers SRA near Venice, Pawnee SRA near Emerald and Wagon Train SRA near Hickman will permit fireworks from 8 a.m. until midnight on July 4 only. Signs at recreation areas will point the way to designated fireworks sites and their boundaries will be clearly marked. Use of fireworks elsewhere in state areas or at other times is prohibited. Only fireworks approved for sale in Nebraska by the state fire marshal are permitted, and visitors must dispose of fireworks safely. Minor children must be supervised when discharging fireworks. Use, possession and the discharging of fireworks is at the sole risk of the users. ■ July 23 Family Fun Day Victoria Springs SRA, Anselmo July 23 Tandy Leather/Animal Hides and Leather Two Rivers SRA, Waterloo July 23 Beyond BOW Beginning Kayaking Lake Wanahoo SRA, Wahoo July 23 Bighorn Sheep Hike Fort Robinson SP, Crawford July 23 Calamus Clean Up Day Calamus Reservoir SRA, Burwell July 23 State High School Fishing Tournament Elwood Reservoir July 26 Pollinators Workshop O'Neill July 28 Family Fishing Event Benson Park, Omaha July 29 Pre-Settlement Bison (Summer Speaker Series) Fort Robinson SP, Crawford July 30 Christmas Decorating Contest Campfire Christmas in July Jingle Bell Junk and Craft Market Indian Cave SP, Shubert July 30 Kites and Castles Contest Lake McConaughy SRA, Ogallala July 30 Beyond BOW Ladies Day at the Range Weeping Water Gun Club, Weeping Water Branched Oak State Recreation Area. PHOTO BY ERIC FOWLER NEBRASKAland Visitor and Last issue's winner of the Visitor drawing was Max Porter of Alma, Nebraska who found the earthworm on page 65. Readers are encouraged to contact NEBRASKAland within 10 days after this issue's publication with the correct page number and name of this issue's "Visitor" – a critter found in Nebraska. We will then gather the correct entries and draw one to win a NEBRASKAland mug. To enter each month, write: NEBRASKAland Visitor 2200 North 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE 68503. Or e-mail: with "Visitor" in the subject line of the message. HINT: This issue's visitor is not on pages 1, 18, 21, 30-33, or 54-57. Earthworms are familiar creatures. Maybe you used one to bait a hook, saw them in your garden or chased a terrified "friend" around the school yard with one. But what do you really know about earthworms? Earthworms are recyclers, feeding on decomposing organic matter and returning nutrients to the soil in their excrement. Their actions increase soil microbial activity and improve infiltration and water-holding capacity in soil. Earthworms are hermaphrodites, having both male and female reproductive parts. The band sometimes seen on an earthworm is the clitellum, indicating sexual maturity. Many earthworms are found in North America, and the shape of the tail, nose and clitellum can help with species identification. Special thanks to Julie Van Meter, State Entomologist, Nebraska Department of Agriculture. can help with spec identification. Special thanks to Julie Van

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