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78 NEBRASKAland • JULY 2016 E very Fourth of July there's a funny photo that goes around Facebook. It's Queen Elizabeth II, wearing her customary stern expression, and in bold letters the meme says, "The colonies are quite rowdy today." I see it every year and every year it makes me laugh. Why yes, Your Majesty. The colonies are rowdy today, indeed. But I had no idea to what extent until I experienced the Big Bang Boom, a jaw-dropping fireworks show hosted in Norfolk, Nebraska. In 2014, with no other plans, I staked out my bit of lawn at Skyview Park on Independence Day weekend. With a camera and tripod in tow, I figured I'd get a few photos while I was at it. In a modest city such as Norfolk, I'll be honest – I only expected the standard fireworks display. But when the sun went down, I quickly realized how sorely I had underestimated this community's enthusiasm. That night explosions, colors and smoke engulfed the entire park. Intense streaks of light illuminated the night sky while casting vibrant hues that danced upon the lake, choreographed to the pulse of familiar patriotic tunes. In between the opening and closing of the camera's slowed shutter, I looked around me and watched in raptures the thousands of glowing faces in the crowd, their expressions oscillating between awe and pride, in unison with the dimming and blazing of the volleys of light before them. Jenny Nguyen July 5, 2014 Big Bang Boom

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