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Page 10 of 23 | 11 UNSAFE VESSELS • No overloaded vessels shall be operated on Nebraska waters. All vessels when loaded must retain at least one half of the total depth of the boat above the water when measured at the center of the vessel and must meet the requirement of the manufacturer's capacity plate. • If any conservation officer or other law enforcement official of Nebraska sees a vessel being operated without the proper equipment or with any other unsafe condition, he or she may direct the operator to correct the situation immediately or return to mooring until the hazard is corrected. RULES UNIFORM STATE WATERWAY MARKERS Orange and white diamond shape with cross means "Boats Keep Out." Orange and white diamond shape warns of "Danger." Orange and white circle marks "Controlled Area" as indicated within circle. Orange and white square or rectangle gives "Information, Names, Distances and Permitted Activities." CHANNEL BUOYS/LATERAL SYSTEM (FOUND ON THE MISSOURI RIVER) Always pass between a green buoy and its companion red buoy. When Headed Upstream – Keep red buoys to your right and green buoys to your left. When Headed Downstream – Keep green buoys to your right and red buoys to your left. RULES

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