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Page 2 of 23 | 3 Vessel – Description of any watercraft, other than a seaplane, used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. Motorboat – Any vessel propelled by any form of mechanical power, gas, electric or diesel, including an electric trolling motor. Personal Watercraft – A class of inboard vessel less than 16 feet in length that uses an internal combustion engine powering a jet pump as its primary source of motive propulsion and is designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing or kneeling on the vessel. Sailboard – A surfboard -type vessel with no freeboard and using a free -sail system with a swivel -mounted mast not secured to a hull by guys or stays. Starboard – The right side of a vessel. Port – The left side of a vessel. Bow – The front of a vessel. Stern – The rear of a vessel. Leeward – Downwind. No Wake Speed – Speed at which a vessel does not produce a wake, not to exceed 5 mph. WHO MAY OPERATE A MOTORBOAT? • Anyone operating a motorboat or personal watercraft in Nebraska must be at least 14 years of age. • Any operator born after Dec. 31, 1985 must have successfully completed the Nebraska boating safety course and be in possession of a valid certificate. Nonresidents may present certification from their state or another source approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. BOATER EDUCATION Boater education is open to anyone at least 14 years of age. • Boaters have two options to fulfill the boater education requirement: 1) attend a six -hour course with a proctored exam, or 2) home study, then attend a three- hour course review with a proctored exam. Study materials may be downloaded from • Seventy- five percent of the exam answers must be correct to pass. • Find a list of classes at DEFINITIONS REQUIREMENTS

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