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JANUARY January 1 • Participate in a First Day Hike at a Nebraska state park (SP). Guided hikes will be organized in several state parks. Visit Outdoornebraska. org/winterfest for a complete list. Mid-January • See if you can spot trumpeter swans concentrating in wintering areas around the state. While they spend most of their time in secluded locations on private land, the majestic birds can sometimes be found at Lake Ogallala and Calamus Reservoir state recreation areas (SRAs). The birds are skittish, so watch from a distance. NEBRASKAland Magazine's • A YEAR OUTDOORS ebraska's outdoor recreation options are diverse and almost endless, stretching from border to border and numerous enough to fill every weekend of the year. From ice fishing, hunting, sledding and hiking in the winter to those dog days of the summer, when the fishing, camping, or paddling of a Nebraska river can be at its best, there is never a moment in Nebraska where a person can honestly say, "I just can't find anything to do in the outdoors." On the following pages are some of our favorite activities throughout the year, a month-by-month checklist of special moments and new adventures just waiting for you to try. e d b N • Look for white-tailed deer in areas with thermal cover, including evergreen trees and big bluestem grass.

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