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DECEMBER 2018 • NEBRASKAland 25 Soap Bubble Magic Snowflakes are not the only subject Komarechka photographs during the winter. Below, Komarechka explains his method for producing beautiful pictures of freezing soap bubbles. "To create a freezing soap bubble image, at least the way I do it, start by lighting the bubble from behind with a bright LED flashlight. A Fresnel sheet magnifier can be used to refocus the light to be intensified over the bubble. To create the bubble, the formula is: 6 parts water 2 parts dish soap 1 part white corn syrup The white corn syrup serves as a 'cushion.' When the bubble is blown from the end of a drinking straw, the syrup pools at the bottom of the bubble. When gently placed onto snow, this cushion prevents the bubble from popping instantly. Temperatures between around -4 F and 17.6 F work best, with absolutely no wind. Even a little whisper of wind will knock the bubble about and it will pop/shatter. Freezing soap bubble images are best taken when the bubble hasn't yet completely frozen solid, so that you can see a variety of 'puzzle pieces' all about to connect together. You need to work fast, as most bubbles will freeze completely solid in around 10 seconds. There is a lot of trial and error involved, but once you get the hang of the technique you can start to use other foreground objects beyond just snow. I've used mineral samples, a branch from my Christmas tree, flowers and more. It's a fun winter activity!"

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