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30 NEBRASKAland • DECEMBER 2018 tournament Calcutta the night before was gone. With head pounding, Don starting eating ice from the holes they had cut as they watched a team near them haul in fish after fish. They didn't catch a single one. Red Man After the tournament, Don and Dave talked to some guys who had fished Pelican Lake that same day. "When they showed us their bluegills, I had no idea what I was looking at," said Don. "It wasn't until I was at my son's doctor's appointment a couple weeks later that something clicked." There was an In-Fisherman Magazine photograph of a guy holding a 10-inch bluegill. "I just remember how happy he looked," Don said. Then he thought back to the fish from Pelican not two weeks before. "There was not a bluegill close to that small." By that Sunday he and Dave were pulling into Pelican, but they weren't alone. "There had to be more than 600 people fishing," he said. "Finding a parking spot wasn't easy. It was a quarter-mile walk to get to the ice." They set up near a man whose area was dotted with Red Man chewing tobacco excretions, and watched him catch three of the largest bluegill that Don has ever seen. "He was obviously having a good day," Don noted. "There was a 25 mile-per-hour wind and neither one of his two 5-gallon buckets where he was throwing fish moved at all." While Red Man never shared his tackle and techniques – the man only glared and grunted at them – Don and Dave made a pact that day to get better at ice-fishing. They even set personal Don is all smiles while ice-fishing at Pelican Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge.

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