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DECEMBER 2018 • NEBRASKAland 37 By Chimney Rock fishing, he puts considerable time and resources into conservation efforts. One annual project is helping organize the banquet for the Pine Ridge chapter of Ducks Unlimited, a group he has served as chairman. Always quick to take to the field with a shotgun or fishing rod since his youth in Sidney, Olson is devoting even more time to the outdoors these days. He says with a grin that he has spent "only 32 days" hunting in the pit last season. Not too shabby, considering he makes a 90-plus-mile trip from Crawford to do it each time. His log shows that he has had a lot of company. Last season alone, 54 different people took Olson up on an invitation to hunt at his pit with its picturesque south-facing view to the Wildcat Hills. "I like to give the experience of goose hunting to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to go," Olson said. "Some people can't pay a lot of money to do this sort of thing and I like to give them the experience." Even though Olson has made a sizable investment with the lease and gear, he does not ask for money from

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