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38 NEBRASKAland • DECEMBER 2018 his guests. Now Olson can count Sawyer among the many people he has witnessed shoot their first goose. He said there have been about 35 first-time goose harvesters at the pit in itself, and many more at other locations before he took on the lease. "I really like taking the kids," he said. "They are the future of hunting and the more hunters we have in the field the better it is for all of us because that's more people paying for conservation. I've also had a lot of women and girls come down and hunt and they really seem to eat it up." Olson provided us with an exemplary goose hunting experience from when we arrived early in the day, including several doses of time-honored waterfowling wisdom. "Sawyer, there's an old saying in waterfowl hunting: If you burn breakfast it's a good day," Olson said just before using a well-worn cast iron skillet to warm up breakfast burritos made of goose sausage, eggs and cheese. He did not burn the tasty fare but a less experienced hunter might have as several flocks teased us. When the first flock approached the pit that morning, my heart raced just as much as it did north of Lisco in Larry Olson works a goose call from the pit. Larry Olson's yellow Labrador retriever Issy retrieves a goose while pup Roxie tags along.

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