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DECEMBER 2018 • NEBRASKAland 39 the late 1990s when I was in a goose pit for the first time. From glancing over to Sawyer and hearing his simple declaration "this is cool," I could tell that he was getting the same feeling. When Olson was not working to lure geese with the variety of calls hanging from his neck, he was sharing his hunting expertise and stories of past hunting trips. Perhaps it was Issy, his 9-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, who worked hardest. Despite her age, she retrieved like a champion, although appearing to be a little annoyed with Olson's 4-month-old pup Roxie, also a yellow Lab, shadowing alongside. Even though we thought we were in for a warm day with blue skies, we were instead greeted with a goose- hunt-friendly mix of clouds, stiff north winds and temperatures not quite warm enough to melt the blanket of snow surrounding us. The geese kept us busy and several big flocks of mallards also flew high overhead. With the last goose of a three-man limit downed, evening sunlight casting a long shadow from Chimney Rock, and smiles on our faces, we headed back north for Chadron. I know the experience will not be forgotten any time soon, especially by the youngest hunter in the blind that day. Later that evening, as Sawyer and I were making one more memory for the day with knives in hand, I was thankful for the great resource of tasty meat provided from hunts such as this and a hunting heritage that helps bond generations. Perhaps I am most thankful, though, for hunters such as Larry Olson who find enjoyment in sharing that experience and are so eager to do it. ■ Larry Olson, along with puppy Roxie, poses for a photo with guests Justin and Sawyer Haag.

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