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JULY 2016 • NEBRASKAland 63 This aerial view looking east above shows the amount of submerged structure in both the north (left part of photo) and south arms of Prairie Queen Recreation Area. Old creek channels with drop-offs, as seen by this one in the northwestern corner of the lake, provide great edge habitat from deep to shallow water. These gentle slopes are places where emergent and submergent vegetation also grows. Also pictured is a let down structure and a large box culvert passing under 132nd Street, both excellent fish habitat as well. ERI AERI ERI AERI AERI AERI R ER E P AL P AL P AL P L P A HOTO TO OTO HOTO HOTO HOTO HOTO HOTO HOT HOT S BY S BY S BY S BY S BY S BY S B S ERI ERI ERI RI ER E C FO FO C FO C FO C FO C FO C F C F WLER WLER WLER LER WLER WLER WLER WLER Looking west just north of the east parking area reveals a number of habitat changes since Prairie Queen's construction. These include cove enhancement near more than 30 feet of water with standing trees in the foreground and rock riprap in the background.

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