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JULY 2017 • NEBRASKAland 23 Last issue's winner of the Visitor drawing was Leo Turner of Lisco, Nebraska, who found the pine sawyer beetle on page 21. Readers are encouraged to contact NEBRASKAland within 10 days after this issue's publication with the correct page number and name of this issue's "Visitor" – a critter found in Nebraska. We will then gather the correct entries and draw one to win a NEBRASKAland mug. To enter each month, write: NEBRASKAland Visitor 2200 North 33rd Street Lincoln, NE 68503 Or e-mail: Tim.Reigert@Nebraska. gov with "Visitor" in the subject line of the message. HINT: This issue's visitor is not on page 15, 18, 21, 23, 35, 41, 52, 58 or 71. NEBRASKAland Visitor A Camp out Isn't Complete Without... From Facebook We posed this question on the Nebraska Game and Parks Facebook page, and were given a number of answers that only furthered our desire to be outdoors this summer. Here are a few of those responses: "S'mores!" – Joe Holstedt "Stargazing!" – Bobbi Holm "Mosquitos." – Milton A. Gabriel "Friends, Fire, Stars." – Zach Hanson "A good strong campfire, with plenty of coals in the morning to build back up and make breakfast with." – Nick Fritsch "Family." – Ben Collingham "Prairie." – Benjamin Vogt "Ticks." – Tom Lynch "A cooler on wheels." – Chris McKay "Starry nights and a hammock!" – Mary Gallagher "Campfire." – Katrina Lynne "Family, friends, and being able to relax and enjoy." – Carol Kohn "Comfortable lounge chairs!" – Jason Ratkovec "Fishing for dinner." – Duane Long "Marshmallows." – Robbi Gould "Peace and quiet. Solitude." – Stephanie Voge Brown "The sound of crickets." – Cindy Frost "Bug spray." – Patty Burke "Good friends and family, kids exploring and s'mores." – Karen Kader "Me." – Brad Cyriacks ■ Several species of pine sawyer beetles (Monochamus spp.), including the white spotted, northern, and Carolina, are found infesting dead and dying conifers across Nebraska. These longhorn beetles range in body length from about 0.75-1.5 inches, with antennae longer than their body. Female beetles lay eggs in a niche they chew into the bark of the tree. Larvae are legless, roundheaded borers and feed under the bark and into the sap- and heartwood, creating tunnels filled with coarse frass. It is possible to hear the larvae feeding under the bark. Eventually mature larvae pupate and adult beetles emerge from the tree, leaving round exit holes. Adults, which can be found spring through fall, will then feed on bark and evergreen needles, but they cause little damage. Special thanks to Julie Van Meter, State Entomologist, Nebraska Department of Agriculture. PHOTO BY JUSTIN HAAG throug fee eve da da Special thanks to July 22 Beyond BOW Native Plants and Uses Event Fort Hartsuff SHP, Burwell July 25-27 Wilderness Awareness Camp Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center, Lincoln July 27 Family Fishing Event Benson Park, Omaha July 28 Family Fishing Event Melham Park, Broken Bow July 29 Campfire Christmas in July Indian Cave SP, Shubert July 29 Jingle Bell Junk and Craft Market Indian Cave SP, Shubert Beyond BOW kayakers prepare to paddle under the Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge on the Missouri River. The wranglers of Fort Robinson State Park make their way along the parade route during the annual Crawford Fourth of July celebration

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