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JULY 2017 • NEBRASKAland 33 a fossil display of two bull Columbian mammoths that battled and died north of Crawford with their tusks locked together. A full-size mammoth skeleton stands in the center of the building, towering over visitors and exhibits. Still an Attraction Fort Robinson continues to make history, these days by attracting thousands of visitors from near and far. In addition to Fort Robinson, nearby Crawford and the numerous visitor attractions in the Pine Ridge area make the park a premier summer destination, and there are always sights to see throughout the winter, as well. Just as that newspaper editor wrote in 1907, an afternoon at "the fort" will never grow old or tiresome. With almost 150 years to prove it, one can bet that statement will be true for whatever birthday Nebraska is celebrating. ■ To learn more about Fort Robinson, visit the web at fortrobinson and For information about Nebraska's Sesquicentennial, including programs, projects, and events celebrating Nebraska's 150 years of statehood, visit Want More History? Books written by the late Thomas R. Buecker served as valuable resources for this article. Buecker, the long-time curator of the Fort Robinson State Historical Museum and History Center who died in 2015, developed a legacy as an authority of the fort with his books, Fort Robinson and the American West 1874-1889 and Fort Robinson and the American Century 1900-1948. The books, along with a self-guided driving tour manual for the fort and many other historical resources, are available for purchase at the fort's head- quarters, the historical museum or online at A full moon hangs behind the water towers at Fort Robinson State Park.

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