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ow about the spinnerbait?" Brad Feeken of Gretna asked as we fished from a john boat on a small pond in Cass County. "Buzzbait," I responded. "Buzzbait?" "That's the name of that lure," I said. "A spinnerbait is a little bit different." These are the types of conversations that I have with my newest fishing partner, 41-year-old Brad Feeken, during our times on the water during the spring and summer – times that he would have never imagined having even a few years ago. Sit Still? No Way While growing up in Hastings, fishing was the last thing on Feeken's mind. "I hated the waiting," he told me on one of our first trips together. "Dad would hand me a pole with a bobber and I'd cast out." Then it became agony to a kid unwilling, or unable, to stay still waiting for that bobber to disappear. So when I explained to him that largemouth bass fishing was very little, if any, sitting and waiting, he dipped his toes back in the water. And on our first trip together, as bass after bass attacked our topwater offerings, he tilted his head toward the heavens above: "Dad! Why did you make me fish with a bobber?!" He laughed, then made another of what turned out to be hundreds of casts that day. These casts are perfect for his Story and photos by Jeff Kurrus Introducing Adults to Fishing "H Buzzbaits (top) are traditionally fished on top and their blade makes a lot of commotion, while spinnerbaits (bottom) are usually fished beneath the surface. 54 NEBRASKAland • JULY 2017

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