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70 NEBRASKAland • JULY 2017 T hroughout Nebraska people will be celebrating the Fourth of July with barbecues, family, friends and fireworks. Front yards in many neighborhoods will be full of people in lawn chairs waiting for darkness to take over the sky so the show of lights can begin. While some communities have large displays put on for the entire town or city, there are always those few that go overboard for fireworks; like kids in a candy shop with no spending limit, these people fill the night sky with beauty. Everyone knows that one person who puts on a huge display every year. Last year, with my husband and camera in tow, we headed to the small town of Stapleton where D.L. Bay goes overboard for the holiday simply for the love of shooting things off. The whole town shows up, setting up lawn chairs and lining the streets with cars, and they wait. Next to a Quonset, music from the 1980s signals to bystanders that the show is about to begin. As explosions, beautiful colors and bursts of sparkles gleam in the sky, the crowd claps and screams their approval of the big show. Wherever you may be when the fireworks fill the night sky, or who is lighting them, may you feel the same sense of pride and awe as the residents gathered around that Quonset in Stapleton. Julie Geiser May 31, 2017 The Big Show

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