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NEBRASKAland Visitor Last issue's winner of the Visitor drawing was David Powers of Omaha, Nebraska, who found the army ant on page 53. Readers are encouraged to contact NEBRASKAland within 10 days after this issue's publication with the correct page number and name of this issue's "Visitor" – a critter found in Nebraska. We will then gather the correct entries and draw one to win a NEBRASKAland mug. To enter each month, write: NEBRASKAland Visitor 2200 North 33rd Street Lincoln, NE 68503 Or e-mail: Tim.Reigert@Nebraska. gov with "Visitor" in the subject line of the message. HINT: This issue's visitor is not on page 4, 14, or 21. North America has at least twelve species of army ants, and one species, Neivamyrmex nigrescens, has been found in Nebraska. An army ant colony is large, with potentially tens of thousands of individuals. The colony does not make a permanent nest, but moves as a unit across the landscape, primarily at night, using temporary shelters and searching for food. Army ants are voracious hunters, feeding on any unlucky insect or even a small animal that they come across, and they particularly like other ants. They raid ant colonies, killing the adult ants, and carry off the larvae and pupae for food. Female army ants do not possess wings and make no nuptial flight. Instead, the males are winged and fly to the female to mate. Army ants can be found across a wide range of habitats, including prairies, woodlands, and even suburban areas. Special thanks to Julie Van Meter, State Entomologist, Nebraska Department of Agriculture. DECEMBER 2017 • NEBRASKAland 23 h pr p a a Special thanks to Julie State Entomologis Send Us Your Trail Cam Photos! Paul Janning submitted this trail cam photograph of a coyote running on private land near Spalding. Mike Beelaert of O'Neill shared this image from a camera set up by Bobbie Harte on Beelaert's land on the Niobrara River. Please submit your trail camera photos by e-mail to: Also include any information that will help explain your photo.

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