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62 Nebraskaland • May 2019 THE LAST STOP By Jeff Kurrus IN A HURRY Sometimes I get in a hurry, especially when the fish are biting. Last May, while fishing near West Point, my fishing partner and I were catching as many bass as we wanted on any number of lures. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater – it didn't matter. The fish were there for the taking. And with little wind and steady weather, they remained active all day. Yet that still didn't stop me from almost ignoring this wooden relic, rotting away in a patch of weeds by the lake. I took a couple of photos, yes, but didn't do my job as a photographer. I didn't step closer to investigate. Perhaps I would have found the old, cracked plastic from a red and white bobber or even treble hook scratches from one of the wooden platforms. Maybe I would have seen the initials of some kid who carved his name in that same wood when the fishing was slow, or the long faded measurement sticker on the hull of the boat. Perhaps the owners didn't fish in it at all. However, I will never know, for I paused long enough to make two images before sprinting back to my john boat. Because I definitely do fish – much like I hope the owners of this boat did as well – and the fish were calling me back to the water.

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