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Photos by Joe Braun Story by Jeff Kurrus T he best story I have ever heard of buck fever was told to me by a bowhunter who, as he relived the nightmare, still couldn't seem to fathom the chance he had passed. He had started bowhunting as an adult, and during one of his first outings, he looked to his left and saw the hugest white-tailed buck he had ever seen walk- ing down the wooded trail in his direction. It was a TV buck – large, white, symmetrical antlers that had grown in seemingly all directions. The hunter's mouth remained open as the deer slowly neared. With each step, the buck's impossibly large rack grew even larger. Unaware of the hunter, the deer continued to saunter down the trail, underneath the hunter's stand, and then out of sight. When the deer finally disappeared, the hunter said a silent "Wow" to himself and then, for the first time, realized that he had become so enamored with the buck that he had watched it walk in the wide open beneath his stand without ever thinking that he should have actually tried to take a shot at him. But that's what a deer will do to you. Before the season begins, many hunters will plant food plots, manage trail cameras and read deer studies from organizations like Quality Deer Management Association just to learn a bit W 32 NEBRASKAland • AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2017

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